If you are in the Oklahoma City area this weekend, please make sure to attend The Affair of the Heart Arts and Crafts Show.  It has 7 buildings packed with lots of handmade items along with delicious foods.  One of our product lines of Cedar Hill is our new Pop's Popcorn Seasonings.  They are fantastic!   If you come to our Booth 145C in the Oklahoma Expo Hall and mention you saw this on Facebook, we will give you a free Popcorn Seasoning!  Hope to see you there and enjoy the show!

If you love arts and crafts, delicious foods and a festive atmosphere, this is your weekend!  The Affair of the Heart in Oklahoma City is one of the best shows in the USA!  So much to see with 7 buildings of goodies!  We will be participating again this year and sampling some of our new products.  Please stop by the Cedar Hill Seasonings Booth #145 in the Oklahoma Expo Hall.  We have many show specials and gift boxes.  We will also be sampling our dips, popcorn seasonings, BBQ Rub, mulled cider and spiced teas with our new Sweet Shakers sugar blends!  Hope

Did you know that last weekend was the Shrimp Festival in Gulf Shores, Alabama?  I have never attended, but have heard only great things about it!  When we prepare shrimp at home, we fix a quick and easy shrimp dip using the Cedar Hill Cajun Dip and Seasoning.  Just take 1/2 cup mayo and 1/2 cup sour cream and 2 teaspoons of the Cajun Dip Mix and blend.  Chill about an hour and dip your boiled or fried shrimp in!  It is absolutely delicious!!  This is also great with fresh veggies like carrots, cauliflower and celery.  Once you try this, you will be "hooke

There is hardly anyone who doesn't like some kind of salsa.  From hot to mild, from green to red and everything in between, but have you tried making a creamy salsa dip?  It is so fast and easy to whip up!  Prepare the Cedar Hill Seasonings Salsa Mix according to directions then add equal parts of the salsa to soft cream cheese!  Blend well and serve with your favorite chips.  It also makes a great sauce for enchiladas!  It you like your dip thicker, add less salsa and more salsa for a thinner dip.  Either way, it is absolutely delicious and addictive

During these next few weeks while many of us are enjoying tailgating events and casual parties, I want to share with you a few quick and easy ideas for making your snacks.  One is a Mexican Cheese Rollup.  Using our Cedar Hill Seasonings Mexican Cheese Ball Mix, blend according to directions then spread on a flour tortilla, add a thin slice of smoked ham, then roll into log, cut into bite size pieces then toothpick together with a olive on top.  How quick and easy is that?  Your guests will love these, so you better make several plates of these! 

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