This weekend (October 8, 2011) in Darlington, South Carolina they will be celebrating the sweet potato.  What fun!!!  Can you just imagine all the different types and dishes of sweet potatoes they will be serving??

We absolutely love sweet potatoes at our house and eat them year round.  They are so nutritious and so easy to prepare.  Sometimes, we will just toss one into the microwave and cook until tender.  Sometimes, we will peel them, then toss with olive oil and season with salt and pepper andl roast them in the oven.  They almost taste like candy!&

Last week I blogged about the Chili Cookoff in New Hampshire and since the cooler days of fall are close at hand, I wanted to share some interesting tidbits about chili powder.

Did you know that chili powder has protein, iron, calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C?  One tablespoon has about 24 calories.  Some people have some adverse effects when eating chili powder due to the cayenne pepper that some blends contain.  Depending on the types of chilis that the chili powder blend has in them, you can either blend your own or find a mild type of chili powder in your favorite

Who doesn't like some form of chili???  Whether it is made with beef, chicken, vegetarian, or whatever, chili is a staple on American tables. 

This weekend (September 30, 2011) in Manchester, New Hampshire, is the World Championship Chili Cookoff!  What fun!  Just thinking of chili cooking makes my mouth water! 

There are so many ways that people enjoy their chili.  Some like it hot and spicy, some mild and sweet, some like to top their with green onions and cheddar cheese, some like to crumble saltine crackers and then mix it in, some like to a

This weekend (September 29-October 2, 2011) in Kansas City, MO is a BBQ lover's dream come true!!!  It is the American Royal BBQ Festival!!!!  I hear it is the largest BBQ festival in the USA! 

I have never attended, but I only hear good things about this one.  Can you just imagine the smell in the air of pork, beef and chicken being BBQ'd???  My mouth is just watering just thinking about it!  From what I heard, this cookoff is by invitation only and only the best of the best get to show their BBQ skills and delicious foods.

In the BBQ spirit, I

As I was reading an Asian style cookbook, I came across an interesting blend that I have never heard of and it is call Shichimi, which translates to "seven flavor chili".  It peaked my interest and read more about this blend.  There are different regions of Japan that use this in their cooking and I wanted to share this recipe with you.  Some of the ingredients are readily available at your grocery, but some of them you will need to visit a specialty shop or go online to find them.  Here is the recipe below:

Grind 2 tsp. white sesame seeds and 1 tsp.

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