Labor Day weekend is fast approaching and there are two festivals coming up!  One is the BBQ Cookoff for Ribs in Sparks, Nevada.  It is August 31 through September 5th, 2011.  The other festival is in Crisfield, Maryland and it is the Hard Crab Derby and the dates are September 2nd through the 4th.  If you are in either Nevada or Maryland, these two festivals would be a great way to spend the Labor Day weekend and get to sample so many great foods.

I don't know very many people that don't enjoy BBQ Ribs or Crab, but I bet you can get your fill at these events.&nb

Since I was so fascinated with the program I saw on horseradish, I have decided to write more on this root.  I did some research and have found some interesting things I would like to share on this pungent root.

Horseradish is a perennial plant that is native to eastern Europe and western Asia.  There are certain areas of Russia and the Ukraine where it still grows wild, but most of the horseradish grown today is on farms for harvesting.

The culinary uses of the horseradish was probably started in Russia then spread to central Europe, then to the Scandinavian count

This past weekend, I was flipping through channels and there is this program called "How It's Made".  This is a fascinating program where they show how different products are made and produced.  It is one of my favorite programs.  One of the segments this weekend was how they gew and harvested horseradish and then turned this root into the bottled horseradish products you see on your grocery store shelves today.  It was amazing!  If you get a chance to watch that program, please do.  It will be addicted to it like I am!

We love horseradish at our house

At our house, lemons are a staple item.  We keep at least a dozen fresh lemons in the fridge at all times.  Not only are they great for squeezing on fish, but making lemonade, adding lemon zest to cakes and especially a fresh lemon pie! 

Lemon peel is also a staple at our house.  Lemon peel is available in a cut and sifted form, granulated and a powder.  The lemon peel cut and sifted pieces are used in potpourris and teas.  The granulated lemon peel can be used in puddings, cheesecakes, jellies and seasoning mixes.  The lemon peel powder is so conv

Sometimes, about once a week or every other week, we love to just have a mixed veggie plate for dinner.  We will steam broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, green beans, snap peas or whatever we have on hand.  Not only is the dinner plate pretty, but delicious. 

Here is a veggie blend that I would like to share that we sprinkle on the veggies or sometimes we use this blend in stir fries with a little bit of fresh lemon juice.  If you are not making a stir fry, then toss your veggies lightly with some butter, then sprinkle with this Veggie Blend below.


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