Customer Testimonials

"You cannot walk into the Cedar Hill facility and not be significantly impressed.  Their operations, quality processes and committment to the customer comes through in all they do.  From humble beginnings, comes a treasure and a role model for other business and entrepreneurs."  Gene H., Oklahoma City, OK

I work for a freight company when I first met Felicia and her mother back in 2001.  When I called on them to get their shipping business, she was in a small building next to her home in Edmond, OK.  Their dream and committment is to making spices from special blends that contain no salt, sugar, MSG or preservatives that are healthy for you and your family.  All of the products I have tried were top quality and delicious!  Susie K., Oklahoma City, OK

Cedar Hill Seasonings not only provides quality products without preservatives, but those products are processed in a pristine facility so well maintained on a daily basis that consumers can have the utmost confidence in the Cedar Hill Seasonings brand.  That is why the family-owned business has been successful for 25 years and why it is still going strong today.  Sharon D., Oklahoma City, OK

You can say that I love their Peppermill Blend so much that I use it on everything and buy it by the case so that I can give it to my family and friends.  Also, excellent personal service whenever I order!  Dolores C., Napa, CA

Cedar Hill Seasonings is a family-owned and operated business.  We have known the owners for 25 years.  They are devoted to producing unique, quality products with the purest ingredients.  Their Peppermill Blend is our favorite spice blend in marinades.  Gina E., Tucson, AZ

"I've been doing business with Cedar Hill for several years now and have always enjoyed complete customer satisfaction!  They provide excellend quality products, quick shipping and have been very good about responding to any questions or concerns that I have.  I would recommend them to anyone!  Thanks for being a company that I can trust!  Lisa M., Business owner, Big Lake, MN

The Cedar Hill products we use have become a staple within our kitchen.  Everytime the grill is fired up, which is often, Cedar Hill Seasonings are used.  Whether it's chicken, steak or just burgers, Cedar Hill products are being used quite often.  I can also say that the employees at Green Bay Packaging are also very familiar with Cedar Hill, as are several friends and family.  Cedar Hill products are truly the best for you and best taste as well!  Ryan B., Norman, OK

"Cedar Hill Seasonings has been a major asset to our marketing and branding campaign for years.  We use the customized packets and shakers as promotional items at trade shows and events.  They're so good that we have people seek out our booth to get a refill because they've used their up from the previous year.  We'll even trade recipes and ideas with people on different ways to use the seasonings.  The seasonings definitely leave a lasting impression!"  Michaela D., Cedar Hill, TX

We have become so dependent on Cedar Hill's Peppermill Blend both my husband and I think we cannot cook without it!!  Makes cooking so much easier and delicious.  Now my friends all agree and we supply them as well.  It is the "Spice of Life" for so many of us.  Thank you Cedar Hill!  Dixie G., Colorado Springs, CO

I can always depend on Cedar Hill products to be fresh and flavorful crowd-pleasers.  Their attention to the quality of their products is what sets them apart from other companies.  Nancy E., Edmond, OK

I have had the pleasure of both working with and being a customer of Cedar Hill over the past 8 years.  I know first hand that the employees and owners take great pride in the products that they sell and have been nothing but a pleasure to know.  The products that Cedar Hill produces, I think is my favorite part.  I honestly do not think that my family or I would have known what we were missing had we not discovered their Peppermill Blend.  It has become a staple with every meal at my house!  Cameron D., Oklahoma City, OK

As the Director of a local non-profit agency, I have to do due diligence on anyone my agency partners with to make sure they are a quality business.  Cedar Hill Seasonings rates four out of four stars!  Starting with a beautiful and pristine facility, they use high quality products from around the world.  A family owned and operated busines, Felicia and her staff are responsive, meet deadlines and provides excellent customer service.  It is a pleasure to do business with them.  Connie M., Oklahoma City, OK

I would highly recommend Cedar Hill in regards to any service or product that is offered.  Cedar Hill packages my seasonings and every experience I have had with the company has been nothing but great!  Even though I am a very small business, Cedar Hill always treats me like one of their biggest customers.  Cedar Hill spent a lot of time with me perfecting my recipe blend and made sure that I was totally satisfied.  All of the spices available at Cedar Hill are much more higher in quality than I was using before and it is very obvious in the taste.  The customer service is outstanding!  The actual Cedar Hill facility is extremely clean and very impressive.  Tom E., Edmond, OK

Cedar Hill Seasonings has been a joy to work with.  They blended a private label spice for us call "Choice Tandoori/Grilling Spice".  They went above and beyond in developing a couple of test batches of my recipe made up of 14 different herbs and spices before we finalized the blend.  We had a very short timetable, but their staff was great in completing the batch for us to be able to deliver for Christmas gifts.  Thanks Cedar Hill!  Umi C., Oklahoma City, OK

When my small business needed a co-packing solution, I turned to Cedar Hill.  They offered me the reliability and flexibility I needed along with the cost effectiveness the market demands.  Dan G., Choctaw, OK

Cedar Hill dip mixes are SO delicious!  While all varieties are great, the Spinach & Herb, Garden Party and Mexican Cheese Ball Mixes are my family's favorites.  The finished products taste as though I took the time to mince and chop each vegetable and ingredient myself.  Cedar Hill doesn't scrimp on freshness and flavor!  Angie B., Edmond, OK

I am in love with Cedar Hill's Marinara Sauce Mix and all of their Pure Shakers products.  I use them all the time on just about anything from salads and so many cooked dishes.  We love all your products!  Debbie D., Edmond, OK

"If you met Felicia personally, you would know immediately that her products are only the highest quality, taste and freshness.  Her uncompromising standards of excellence and ethics are to be admired and emulated!" Darcie H., Oklahoma City, OK

Cedar Hill Seasonings are great tasting and healthy!  You can make anything from party dips to cheese balls to your favorite meal with their wide selection of spices.  Make sure and try their appetizing recipes on their website.  Misty B., Oklahoma City, OK

We highly recommend Cedar Hill to any company especially a new company that needs coaching and guidance on marketing and packaging their products.  Cedar Hill has a very friendly staff and always willing to go the extra mile to help in anyway that they can.  They truly want you to succeed!  Ron W., Oklahoma City, OK

I have been amazed at the seasonings that I have used from Cedar Hill!  In fact, I am so impressed that I order enough to give to my clients as appreciation gifts.  One thing I know and that is that they take their seasonings and business seriously.  I have never been disappointed!  Great products and management!  Kristy V., Edmond, OK

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your Pure Shakers Savory Peppermill and Premium Seasoned Salt Blends!  We love to grill and I use the Peppermill Blend as a rub on steaks before grilling and the Seasoned Salt on fish and grilled veggies.  And if I'm in a hurry, the Cedar Hill Dip Mixes can't be beat!  Just mix as directed and you've got a great appetizer to serve with chips or sliced veggies that even kids love!  Best of all, I appreciate the fact that you use ALL NATURAL ingredients.  There are no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors.  That is really important to me.  Valerie N., Oklahoma City, OK

"Our family's favorite seasonings come from the Cedar Hill family.  We use the Pure Shakers Seasoned Salt on almost everything--from steaks to popcorn--it's by far the most savory blend I've tasted and brings out the natural flavors in the food!" Whitney K., Oklahoma City, OK

Their Pure Shakers product line is now a standard staple in my kitchen!  I shake the Peppermill Blend directly on meats and veggies with just a little olive oil, and that's all the seasoning needed to give my recipes a fresh, balanced flavor.  It also adds a nice dimension to soups.  The Fiesta Mexican Blend has completely replaced buying taco seasoning packets from the supermarket.  I add it to shredded chicken or ground beef/turkey to make better-than-restaurant tacos and enchiladas!  Angie B., Edmond, OK

"As a busy working mom, I found Cedar Hill Seasonings to be a fast and easy way to flavor dinner.  I have four favorites that I use almost every night on main entrees.  We also try to include fresh veggies with dinner (the 3 year old will participate in that only some of the time) and I drizzle a little olive oil and add the Garlic Blend to steamed broccoli, carrots and fresh green beans.  The spices are really fresh, so I need less of them than other spices.  I also purchased some very beautiful sets called Prairie Spices to give as gifts."  Debbie A., Oklahoma City, OK

I make a killer homemade bread using Cedar Hill's Toasted Onion Dip Mix!!!  I just add it in to my bread machine recipe and you get a wonderful, aromatic bread!!  Delicious!  Monica L., Edmond, OK

Cedar Hill Seasonings is the quintessential small company gone big.  I remember the small family deli from many years ago and loved their famous fresh sandwiches.  I was thrilled to know of a company making seasonings without preservatives.  It has been an honor to watch this mother and daughter team grow.  In touring their plant, the word "immaculate" doesn't come close to describing it's cleanliness.  I love giving their seasonings as gifts and my friends always want more.  My all-time favorite is the Peppermill Seasoning Blend, but you can rest assure that all of their products are delicious and produced with special care.  Gloria A., Austin, TX